Blood Sweat & Tears
Acronym BST
Established 2007
Creator(s) The Icon, David Sinn, Joe Creed
Style Athletic and technical wrestling 
Location Tinley Park, Illinois

Oak Forest, Illinois

Blood Sweat & Tears (BST) is a backyard wrestling federation based in Illinois that formed in 2007, founded by The Icon, Joe Creed, and David Sinn


BST, was an idea formed in 2006, and began in 2007. At that time bst only consisted of The Icon, David Sinn and Joe Creed. They started to wrestle in Sinn's basement, then later moved it to Icon's garage. In 2009, BST added several wrestlers, Pauly Richards, Jack Havoc, Blazin' Jet, and Angel Ibenaz.On August 9th Twisted Outcast and Shooter debuted in BST. BST returned in November 2010 at a new location. This return was short lived, only running two shows and finally closing its doors in summer of 2011. After over a year of rumors it was confirmed that BST is no longer going to run shows due to a lack of time to do shows.



  • Papa Josh   
  • D-Blaze   
  • Blazin' Jet
  • Twisted Outcast


  • Angel Ibenez
  • Amazing Alex
  • El Macho Diablo

Tag Teams

  • The Sinn City Society (David Sinn, Papa Josh, and Jack Havoc)


Championship: Wrestler: Date Won: Defeated: Location: Notes:
BST Heavyweight Championship
Joe Creed
June 10, 2010
The Icon
Oak Forest, IL
Finals of the Destiny Tournament.
BST Intercontinental Championship
Pauly Richards
November 26, 2010
The Icon
Oak Forest, IL
  • Defunct Championships
    • BST Tag Team Championships
    • BST Hardcore Championship


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