Global Backyard Wrestling Nation

The official logo of the Global Backyard Wrestling Nation (November 1, 2012 - Present)

Established November 25, 2009
Creator Rad Hazard (Chairman) & Cam (President)
Territories 14
Site GBYWN Epicenter on Facebook

Global Backyard Wrestling Nation, abbreviated as "GBYWN" or "GBYWNation", is a backyard wrestling alliance of federations (dubbed "territories") around the world, created in 2009, utilizing championships originally created in Global Backyard Wrestling News and Battle Born Wrestling. It is the largest and most recognizable backyard wrestling alliance in the world.


Prelude (2008-2009)Edit

June 2008 saw the very first GBYWN World Champion crowned in Shooter, officially kicking off the Global Backyard Wrestling News alliance of federations around he globe. December of 2008 saw a second alliance emerge in Battle Born Wrestling, an alliance that quickly organized many of the promotions GBYWNews had not taken under their umbrella. Both promotions utilized their own championships, including laying claim to their own World Title, which was defended throughout their circuits.

GBYWN Logo 2009

The original Global Backyard Wrestling Nation Logo (November 25, 2009 - November 1, 2012)

The merger (2009)Edit

The summer of 2009 saw a major blur in the lines between the BBW & GBYWNews alliances. As various federations were meeting more for interpromotional events, those federations began to utilize both BBW and GBYWNews titles. By the end of the year, the alliances were almost indistinguishable from one another, thus GBYWNews President Cam and BBW chairman Rad Hazard officially decided to merge their alliances together and relaunch under a new name. November 25, 2009 saw the debut of the Global Backyard Wrestling Nation. Throughout the next several months, federations would rename their BBW and GBYWNews title under the GBYWNation banner, though the BBW World Title would survive until being unified with the GBYWN World title in November 2012.

GBYWNation Inducted AllianceEdit

The GBYWNation alliance is currently operated by Chairman Rad Hazard. The current federations under the GBYWN banner, dubbed “GBYWN Territories”, include:

Hall of FameEdit

2009 Tek

2010 Marcus Centofante, Paul Kunkle, Lee Andrews, Shooter, Mark Martel, The Prodigy

2011 Hybrid, Big Dan Winant, Synn, Anarchy Andy, Kris Fenix, Focalin

2012 The Awakening (Robby Roberts / Joe Randa / Phoenix / Sic Ric / Bsnow / Devin Bliss / Shooter), Mike Wyld, Omega, Dark Ice, Acejack, Rigor Mortis



Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
World Championships
GBYWN World Championship
Matt Demorest
November 18th, 2012
BXW Goodbye 2012
GBYWN World Tag Team Championship
Day One (Sic Ric & Bsnow)
December, 2010
REVIVAL Just Another Supershow 666
GBYWN World X Division Championship
The Chad
Summer 2011
GBYWN World Hardcore Championship
War Zone Wrestling Alliance /Inner City Wrestling Syndicate
GBYWN World Pure Championship
Rainham Championship Wrestling Alliance
GBYWN World Internet Championship
National Championships
GBYWN United States Championship
Mike Damage
Summer 2012
BXW Paul Kunkle Memorial 3
GBYWN United States Tag Team Championship
B-Cubed & Drake Genocide
Fall 2012
New York Extravaganza 2
GBYWN United States X-Division Championship
Matt Xstatic
Spring 2012
Super J-Cup
GBYWN United States Hardcore Championship
Summer 2012
Ring of Mayhem 5
GBYWN United States Pure Championship
GBYWN United States Internet Championship
Midwest Wrestling Alliance
GBYWN Canadian Championship
Drew Sarian
GBYWN Canadian Tag Team Championship
Scott Henson & Kaden Talbain
Summer 2012
GBYWN United Kingdom Championship
Will Ospreay
Fall 2012
Rainham Championship Wrestling Alliance
GBYWN United Kingdom Tag Team Championship
Barry Bodymore & Dan Van Vetigo
February 7, 2013
Rainham Championship Wrestling Alliance
GBYWN United Kingdom Internet Championship
Sean Wilson
January 17, 2013
Rainham Championship Wrestling Alliance
GBYWN Australian Championship
February 16, 2013
War Zone Wrestling Alliance /Inner City Wrestling Syndicate
GBYWN Australian Tag Team Championship
Alex Stone
Summer 2012
War Zone Wrestling Alliance /Inner City Wrestling Syndicate
GBYWN Australian Hardcore Championship
Dan Zeplin
Fall 2012
War Zone Wrestling Alliance /Inner City Wrestling Syndicate
Territorial Championships
GBYWN Northeast Championship
Saint Vengeance
Summer 2011
BXW Paul Kunkle Memorial 2
GBYWN Northeast X-Division Championship
Fall 2012
Backyard Kamikaze Wrestling
GBYWN Mid-West Tag Team Championship
Tomato Juice (JCJ & Mikee)
Summer 2012
Midwest Wrestling Alliance
GBYWN Southern Championship
Summer 2012
GBYWN Southern Tag Team Championship
The New Freebirds Henry Rotten, Drake Braylor & Ace Wired
Summer 2012

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