HPW/NBYWA 7: Hell-O-Ween
HPW-NBYWA 7 Logo Small
Promotion Higher Passion Wrestling and National Backyard Wrestling Alliance
Date October 1, 2011
Venue HPW Backyard
Location Hockingport, Ohio
NBYWA Supershow chronology
HPW/NBYWA 7:Hell-O-Ween

HPW/NBYWA 7: Hell-O-Ween was a backyard wrestling supershow event operated by Higher Passion Wrestling and the National Backyard Wrestling Alliance that took place on October 1, 2011 in Hockingport, Ohio. The event was the seventh NBYWA supershow.


File:HPW-NBYWA 7 Roster Picture Small.jpg

The roster picture, taken after the show.

Skull Jr. and Sean Steel had been feuding since May, Steel claiming Skull wasn't giving him enough recognition. In June, Steel claimed the NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship after not having a challenge accepted. In July, Steel, who was already the TPBYWA World Champion won the HPW World Championship, and Skull won the NBYWA World Title on July 3 and revived the THW World Title and his eighth reign on July 14. James Blackwell got involved with the feud eventually, and it resulted in a triple threat street fight at the HPW event "Homecoming" on September 3, to unify the NBYWA, TPBYWA, and HPW World Heavyweight Championships. At "NBYWA 6" before "Homecoming" on September 3, Skull lost his THW World Title to RPK (who had at "Homecoming" also won the HPW Underground Championship) due to interference by Blackwell. At "Homecoming", Steel defeated Skull and Blackwell to gain the NBYWA World Title, after which Skull was beat down by Steel, his brother Max, Blackwell, RPK, and Cody Douglas, who formed the Masters of the Backyard (MOB). Skull was saved by Dukalien, who won the HPW World Title afterward.

Participating WrestlersEdit


  • Moustapha Akkad (HPW) defeated DP Mudder (HPW).
  • Cody Douglas (HPW) defeated RPK (C, THW/MWA) to win the HPW Underground Championship.
  • Skull Jr. (THW) defeated Sean Steel (C, HPW) to win the NBYWA & TPBYWA World Heavyweight Championships.
  • MAIN EVENT: Dukalien (C, HPW), Cody Douglas (HPW), and James Blackwell (HPW) wrestled to a draw in a match for the HPW World Heavyweight Championship. Dukalien retained the title.
  • Sean Steel, who had to be taken out of the main event, was given the HPW World Heavyweight Championship after the match.

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