LXW Hardcore Showdown 3 was the third edition of the FPV. It is considered the "most extreme party of the summer", and in essence a combination of Extreme Rules and Summerslam. It followed Czar of the Yard and was recorded on July 26, 2014.

LXW Hardcore Showdown 3 (2014)-303:48:27

LXW Hardcore Showdown 3 (2014)-3



Result Stipulation Time
D.J. def. "Sick" Neko Diamonds (c) and JRock Submission match / Submission Championship
"The King of Extreme" XIZ def. Kris Blaze Open Challenge / Hardcore match
Troy Allen (The Force) def. "Lights" Cameron Action (The Exiled) via disqualification 3BW Chairs and Chains match
Nate Adams def. Matt Xstatic Open Challenge / Hardcore match
Dylan McQuin (c) def. Vincent Cade w/special guest referee Nate Dallas; Vincent Cade wins Youtube championship via 24/7 rule Hair vs Hair match / Youtube Championship 
Christian Storm (c) def. Nate Dallas  Unsanctioned match / Non-title
JessLa def. Sonny Justice 3BW vs EHW 
Cory Dillinger def. Eric Lightning Monster vs Monster / Hardcore match
"The Tempest" Joey Tice def. Lawrence Crazy vs Crazy / Hardcore match
AJak def. Todd Austin Hardcore match
O.C. and Rocko def. 11:46 (A.J. Suicide & Alex Shade) Hardcore tornado tag match
Jay Risk (c) def. SpartnKingdom, 2 falls to 1

Three Stages of Hell match / LXW Undisputed Championship and Hall of Fame Championship

Stage 1 - First Blood (won by Kingdom)

Stage 2 - Finisher match (won by Risk)

Stage 3 - Ladder match (won by Risk)

O.C. w/Scott Waters def. Jay Risk (c)  Money in the Bank cash in / LXW Undisputed Championship


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