LXW Ultimate Glory 3 was the third edition of their Wrestlemania, and therefore the penultimate event of Season 3. It followed Wrestleween and was recorded on December 8, 2012. 
LCW Ultimate Glory 3 (2012)02:47:40

LCW Ultimate Glory 3 (2012)



Results Stipulation Time
Instinct def. Joker I-Quit match
AJak def. Jay Risk No-Rules match
Christian Storm (c) and Robert Myers went to a draw X-Treme Championship
Tyler Wolford def. Todd Austin #1 Contender's Match for Youtube Title / Membership to the Clique
SpartnKingdom (c) def. The Phenom Clique vs Scapegoats / Submission Championship
D.J. def. T.J. Epic, O.C., and Eric Lightning Money in the Bank match
"Sick" Neko Diamonds def. Kris Blaze (c) LXW Undisputed Championship


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