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File:ACW Logo PNG.pngFile:ACW Spain.jpgFile:AustinMichael.jpg
File:BKW Best of Season 4File:BKW Best of Season 5File:BKW Best of Season 6
File:BKW The Final Show Mix MVFile:BKW The Ryan Vandenburg Memorial ShowFile:BXW Goodbye 2011 Day 2 - Rad Hazard Vs Mike Damage (Angle 1)
File:BXW Goodbye 2012 Day 2 Rad Hazard Vs. Matt Demorest Vs. Murph MV (Courtesy of otherETTW)File:BXW PKM 2 - Rad Hazard Vs PWW MVFile:BYF.png
File:BYW Rulz Logo.jpgFile:BYW Rulz Promo Championship.pngFile:Backyard Wrestling - Adrenaline Rush 2 Murph vs. Bonnet
File:Backyard Wrestling Weekly - 10 12 08File:Best Of Season 7File:Best of Season 3
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File:JWA 2 - JWA Championship Match - Matt Demorest (c) vs. MurphFile:JWA 2 - JWA Championship Match - Matt Demorest (c) vs. Murph-0File:LCW Ultimate Glory 3 (2012)
File:LXW Hardcore Showdown 3 (2014)File:LXW Hardcore Showdown 3 (2014)-0File:LXW Hardcore Showdown 3 (2014)-1
File:LXW Hardcore Showdown 3 (2014)-2File:LXW Hardcore Showdown 3 (2014)-3File:LXW Reloaded 6 (2015)
File:LXW Retribution 4 April 4th 2015File:LXW Ultimate Glory 5 November 8th 2014File:LXW Wrestleween 3
File:Light Heavyweight Championship Small.jpgFile:Logo2.jpgFile:MWA 2 Small.png
File:MWA IWY GBYWN Chairman Battle Royal (7 8 12) Angle 1File:MWA New Logo II.jpgFile:MWA World Heavyweight Championship Small.png
File:Murph's Reign MVFile:Murph.jpgFile:Mwa.jpg
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File:NBYWA 2 Rivals Logo Small.pngFile:NBYWA 3 Grudge Logo Small.pngFile:NBYWA 4 Mid-Summer Showdown Part 1 Logo Small.png
File:NBYWA 5 Mid-Summer Showdown Part 2 Logo Small.pngFile:NBYWA 6 Small.pngFile:NBYWA 9 Logo Small.png
File:NBYWA International Heavyweight Championship Logo Small.jpgFile:NBYWA International Heavyweight Championship Small.pngFile:NBYWA Logo 3.5 Small.png
File:NBYWA Logo Comparison Small.pngFile:NBYWA Square Logo Small.pngFile:NBYWA World Hardcore Championship Small.jpg
File:NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship 1 Small.jpgFile:NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship 2 Small.pngFile:NBYWA World Heavyweight Championship 3 Small.png
File:NECW Adrenaline Rush 3 Main Event Ace Reed vs MurphFile:NECW Adrenaline Rush 3 Main Event Ace Reed vs Murph-0File:NYE II Perfection vs. JD Static *Main Event*
File:NateDallas2013.pngFile:NateDallasDiscusClothesline.pngFile:No Remorse 4 JD Static vs. Murph MV
File:Norhteast Showcase 072.jpgFile:Prbst.jpgFile:Rad.jpg
File:Rad Hazard vs PWW MV- Paul Kunkle Memorial 2File:Rpbwa.pngFile:S.A.W. 24 7 Too Hot 2 Handle Promo
File:S.A.W. 24 7 Xperience Episode 17File:S.A.W. 24 7 Xperience Episode 17-0File:SLSBS.jpg
File:Season1copy.jpgFile:Shawn Jovi Selby 6 Year Anniversary Music VideoFile:Spot Monkey Logo.jpg
File:THW 22-NBYWA 1 Small.pngFile:THW 23-NBYWA 6 Logo Small.pngFile:THW 23-NBYWA 8 Logo 2 Small.png
File:THW Alternate Logo.pngFile:THW Hardcore Championship 2 Small.pngFile:THW Hardcore Championship 3 Small.png
File:THW International World Championship Small.jpgFile:THW Logo.pngFile:THW Undisputed Championship Small.jpg
File:THW World Heavyweight Championship 2006 Small.pngFile:THW World Heavyweight Championship 3 Small.pngFile:THW World Heavyweight Championship Small.jpg
File:TSB MWA 8.pngFile:TWwikipagpic.jpgFile:Tag champs.png
File:Tsb.pngFile:UWE Logo 2.pngFile:WWE '13 Render pic.jpg
File:WWE '13 Render pic Instinct.jpgFile:WZW Domination 7 - International Title 6-Way Ladder Match (2 2)File:Wiki-background
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