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The MWA Heavyweight Championship is the top singles championship in the Midwest Wrestling Alliance. It has been held by four different wrestlers since its inception in May 2011. 

Title HistoryEdit

The MWA Heavyweight Championship has been held by 4 different wrestlers over the course of its creation. The Off Season days count towards the wrestler's total length of time as Champion.

Date Won Show


Mikee 5/15/11


Crawfordsville, Indiana

The Prototype, General Joe, Jason Witzel, Jeff Steeples, Jeff West (Gauntlet Match)

154 days 

Marcus Maximus

10/16/11 MWA 6 Quincy, Illinois Mikee

157 days

King BW

3/11/12 MWA 7

Crawfordsville, Indiana

Marcus Maximus

153 days

 -Vacated- 8/11/12 MWA 12 Quincy, Illinois             __       __
Zaq Cass 8/12/12 MWA 12 Quincy, Illinois Marcus Maximus, Mikee, JCJ (Elimination Match) 

193+ days  (current champion)


  • - King BW was unable to defend his title at MWA 11 and MWA 12, so the MWA Creative Board stripped him of the Championship. The title was officially vacated at MWA 12 and was placed in a Four Way Elimination Match between Zaq Cass, Mikee, JCJ and the returning Marcus Maximus.

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